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Mastering the 40 Yard Dash

Ever wanted to know the inside secrets on the 40 yard dash that are taught at NFL Combine training programs?

Now you can.

Whether you are a high schooler looking to impress college coaches or a NCAA All-American preparing for the NFL Combine this manual is a must!

“I had the Pro Day of my life, running a 4.43 sec. 40 and a 39.5” Vertical Jump. Mike’s training and technique instruction was undoubtedly the difference!”
ELGIN HICKS - Indianapolis Colts NFL


NFL Combine Training Expert Mike Gough, CSCS produced three players in the 2004 Draft Class that timed in the 4.3's at their college pro day. Now that is a proven track record!

"Mike changed two things in my starting technique that took a tenth off my 40 yard dash. That is results!"
JR Reed, Phildelphia Eagles

Athletes often pay expensive prices for their shoes and training gear but often hold back at purchasing qualifed instruction that produces results. What price would you put on a 4.3 40?

Do you want the same technique instruction they had? Now you can with "Mastering the 40". With this book you will learn step by step technique instruction on how to lower your 40 yard dash immeadiately in addition to a 30 day training program design to lower your 40. You get:

*Detailed technique instruction
*Starting Techniques
*Foot Placement
*Breathing Techniques
*Self Help Analysis of Your 40 Yard Dash
*Proper Shoe and Clothing Selection
*What to eat before running the 40 yard dash
*Running the 40 on different surfaces & weather
*30 Day 40 Yard Dash Training Program
*And Much, Much More!

And There Is More! Learn New stretching techniques that will optimize stride length and will increase speed and acceleration.

Get your copy today!!!!

Speed Experts Training Collection

Get 18 different 30 day speed training programs from 18 world class sports performance coaches!
Read More About It Now!
Are you sick and tired of mediocre personal trainers creating generic bodybuilding programs and selling them as 'speed training programs'? Fed up with hearing 'you are born with speed - it can't be improved'?
I used all my personal contacts and sent emails to the best and most varied strength coaches in the world and issued the following challenge:

You've suddenly lost all your athletes & your company and all you have left is your training knowledge.

You are approached by an athlete who is desperate to get faster. They want flat-out speed. Your company will be saved if the client is successful. The catch is you only have 30 days to get it done and a $500 equipment budget to work with.

The athlete has average ability/running mechanics, will work hard, follow all your instructions and has a clean medical history.

What would you do, from day 1 to day 30, to improve your athlete's speed and save yourself?"

Power Parachute

50% more resistance than any other chute available
Innovative parabolic cup design
Ideal for sprinters and hockey players (Use On and Off Ice)
Comes with quick release belt and instructions.

The ultimate multi-sport chute. Offering up to 50% more resistance than any other chute on the market. It has an innovative way of adjusting resistance by sliding the patented cord lock up the shroud lines which changes the shape of the chute, resulting in the desired amount of resistance. The Power Fitness Chute uses only four lines, compared to other chutes on the market that use eight lines which can easily become tangled. Another innovative addition to the Power Fitness Chute is it's "parabolic cup" designed canopy. The cup-shaped design is sewn into the chute giving it instant lift and stability. Because of its quick opening and stable characteristics, it is the ideal chute for sprinters' speed development. Each Power Fitness Chute comes with a quick release belt and instructions.

OPSPFCS power fitness chute small $70.00 USD
OPSPFCM power fitness chute medium $80.00 USD
OPSPFCL power fitness chute large $90.00 USD
OPSSH shoulder harness $15.00 USD
OPSCCB chute carrying bag $9.00 USD
OPSPFCV power fitnesschute video $19.95 USD

Super Sprint Sled

Use for resistance during sprinting and backpedaling
Durable steel construction
Great for explosive starts and drives .

Innovative rust proof, stainless steel OR painted Super Power Sled pulls smooth and straight for high speed resistance sprinting. At the same time you are developing sprinting strength you can also develop correct and powerful arm swing, a critical component of increased speed. Use optional innovative quick release harness so you can release the sled while sprinting. You will feel like you were shot out of a cannon. Coaches will love this new innovative Super Power Sprint Sled.

OPSKSPSP super power sled painted $179.95 USD
OPSKSPSS super power sled stainless steel $199.95 USD

Quick Foot Agility Ladder

A great warm up before practice
Helps develop quick feet, footspeed and agility

Essential for increased quickness. You will improve sprint posture by learning to sprint tall and accelerate with a straight body line. The Speed Foot Ladder is a great warm-up, high speed endurance or intensive plyometric training session. Use the Ladder to work on forward, backward and side to side movements. A great tool for clinic rehab and athletic development.

OPSKSFLHR speed foot ladder hard rung $77.95 USD
OPSKASFL adjustable speed foot ladder $87.95 USD
OPSKSFLTV training video $19.95 USD

Power Sprinter

The Power SprinterTM is unique because it is the first and only device to resist arms and legs directly when doing sprints and backpedal runs. Unit comes with four adjustable straps (2 for arms & 2 for legs), resistance tubing and attachments. Exercise Guide included. Wt. 3 lbs.

13260 Power Sprinter $69.95
13262 Power Sprinter Group Pack (4 units & bag) $259.95
13265 Power Sprinter Team Pack (8 units & bag) $499.95

Cobra Speed Master

Resistance during drills
Great for explosive starts and drives
Use for Resisted Speed Training and Overspeed Training

Latex resistance helps develop quickness where you need it. The first few steps builds leg strength and power like you've never felt before. Builds explosive straight-ahead and lateral acceleration. Great for hockey, football, baseball, tennis and even rehab from ACL, MCL, groin & hamstring injuries.

Comes with (2) 8 ft.lengths of latex, 4 inch wide padded belt, safety strap and necessary hardware. New Safety Sleeve included for total safety.

OPSKCSMHRSS cobra w/safety sleeve $69.95 USD
OPSKCSMSS extra 8' latex w/safety sheild $34.95 USD
Cobra Training Video $19.95 USD

360 Degree Viper™

Comes with (1) 8' length of Latex & Safety Shield™, belt, necessary hardware and instructions.

Has an innovative belt design that allows the athlete to twist and turn against the latex resistance. Attach to a solid object, keep latex stretched and start running hard for 3-5 yards, stop and return to start position, then repeat.

OPSKV Kytec 360 Degree Viper $54.95

Sling Shot with Safety Shield™

Comes with (1) 24' length of Latex & Safety Shield™, belt, necessary hardware and instructions

Overspeed improves stride rate and length, arm swing and acceleration by pulling the athlete at a faster than normal top speed pace. Attach the 24' cord to a secure object or team mates waist with the snaplink connectors. Attach the other end to vest or waist belt. Stretch the cord no more than 2 times it's normal length, then start running forward. The Kytec Sling Shot is also available with an optional nylon safety covering. If the latex should break the latex would be contained inside of the nylon safety webbing cover. It is highly recommended whenever you use any latex training device to wear eye, groin and chest protection. The Sling Shot is a fantastic training device but it can injure you if not properly taken care of or used in a safe manner. Comes with harness, resistance belt, latex, nylon strap and instructions.
OPSKSSSC 24' super sling shot w/safety shield $88.95
OPSKSRSC 24' reg. sling shot w/safety shield $88.95
OPSKSSCGP group pack $327.34
OPSKSSCTP team pack $611.98
OPSKSSLT-SC additional 24' super latex w/ safety sheild $57.95
OPSKSSLT-RC additional 24' super latex w/ safety sheild $57.95

Power Hurdle

• The most durable training hurdle available • Powder coated legs will not rust
• Hard plastic slats will not splinter, crack or rot

The Power HurdlesTM are perfect for speed and jumping drills. Adjust the height and space as needed to jump to new levels. The legs are made of durable 1” round powder coated steel tubing, and the board is made of hard plastic (will not splinter). Eleven different height adjustments to suit your needs, (12”,18”, 22”, 26”, 30”, 32”, 34”, 36”, 38”, 40” and 42”). These hurdles are safe (collapses when hit), portable (fold and carry) and long lasting. Use indoors or outdoors. Hurdle width 41”. Wt. 6 lbs.

OPS22100 Power Hurdles $34.95 USD
OPS22150 Power Hurdles Starter Set (4 Hurdles) $129.95 USD
OPS22200 Power Hurdles Advanced Set (8 Hurdles) $249.95 USD

Hot Shot Weighted Vest

Fits like a glove!
Variable resistance for effective sport-specific training.

The ultimate weight vest fits like a layer of muscle. No bounce, chafe or rub. You can sprint, play basketball or overload plyometrics in it. The buck shot weight is stitched into round rolls. The vest has 12 slide pockets for additional weights. This durable vest will carry up to 60 lbs. Specify small, regular, large or extra large. Includes vest and 4 weights, 10 lbs. total.

OPSKHSV hot shot vest $127.95 USD
OPSKHSXB extra buck shot bags 2.5 lbs. each $7.95 USD

Medicine Balls

Weighted ball bounces
Adds variety to yout medicine ball training for sport-specific

The most durable and versatile medicine ball around. They bounce practically as well as basketballs and therefore can revolutionize the way you use this essential training aid.

OPSKRMB2 2kg. medicine ball $32.95 USD
OPSKRMB3 3kg. medicine ball $37.95 USD
OPSKRMB4 4kg. medicine ball $47.95 USD
OPSKRMB5 5kg. medicine ball $57.95 USD
OPSKRMB6 6kg. medicine ball $67.95 USD
OPSKRMB7 7kg. medicine ball $77.95 USD

Side Stepper

Improves lateral quickness
Resistance during sprint drills
Great for explosive starts and drives

Improves lateral speed, quickness and balance. Athlete's develop side-to-side leg motion working against resistance. Create sports specific drills, just fasten the adjustable leg straps to both ankles or to a stationary object for one leg exercises. The Kytec Side Stepper is a must for hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball and football players. Can be used for the rehab of the groin and hamstrings. The Side Stepper also has adjustable resistance and comes with an extra piece of latex.

OPSKSSMT side stepper medium $34.95 USD
OPSKSSHT side stepper heavy $34.95 USD
OPSKSSV training video $19.95 USD

Stretch Out™

Stretches major muscles just like you were training with a partner. Made of 10 web strap, it has various adjustment loops allowing increased range of motion during the stretch. Comes with instructions and a complete exercise list.

OPSSO stretch out $17.95

Speed Hurdles

Speed hurdles are perfect for speed and jumping drills. Adjust the space in between each hurdle to increase stride length during drills. These hurdles also help develop quick knee lift in the running form.

OPSK6PSH 6" plastic speed hurdle $8.75 USD
OPSK6PSHGP group pack 6 hurdles $47.28 USD
OPSK6PSHTP team pack 12 hurdles $89.28 USD

OPSK12PSH 12" plastic speed hurdle $8.95 USD
OPSK12PSHGP group pack 6 hurdles $48.36 USD
OPSK12PSHTP team pack 12 hurdles $91.32 USD

OPSKSSH 12" steel speed hurdle $9.95 USD
OPSKSSHGP group pack 6 hurdles $53.70 USD
OPSKSSHTP team pack 12 hurdles $101.52 USD

Speed Trainers

Speed Trainers are worn by professional athletes all over the world, they are proven to increase speed in documented University studies. Speed Trainers offer resistance to the key muscle group while training with them. Speed Trainers are portable and easy to use in any sport. Instructional manual included. Comes with 6 lbs. of weight.

OPSKSTS speed trainer standard
thigh wrap..8" to 28"
waist belt...14" to 40" $64.95

OPSKSTGP group pack 4 units $249.95
OPSKSTTP team pack 8 units $479.95

Reaction Ball

The Reaction Ball is the ideal tool for improving eye hand coordination and reaction time. It's unique patented 6-sided design allows the Reaction Ball to pop, bounce and leap unpredictably in different directions. It is ideal for a variety of training programs at all levels.

When used properly in conjunction with an overall fitness program. The Reaction Ball will help improve performance in almost any sport. .

OPSKRB reaction ball $10.95 USD

Portable Resistance Jumper

Portable resistance for plyometrics
Great for bounding drills

Economically priced, this unit can be packed in your suitcase. It is portable and is an easy to use resistance device. Great for training young athletes on the practice field or the court. Can be used for plyometric jumps, bounding, resistance running, back pedaling and lateral movements. Includes one latex tube with web stirrups at each end and a padded sleeve for your neck.

OPSKPRJM portable resistance jumper medium $32.95 USD
OPSKPRJH portable resistance jumper heavy $32.95 USD
OPSKPRJGP group pack 2 med./ 2 hvy. $118.64 USD
OPSKPRJTP team pack 4 med./ 4 hvy. $224.08 USD


Latex is just like a rubber band, if you stretch it too far, it will break.

The latex MUST BE REPLACED if there are any signs of wear.
User accepts responsibility and all risks when using this equipment.
Replace latex if it is OVER 2 YEARS OLD. INSPECT REGULARLY.


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