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NFL Combine Preparation
Dear Friend,
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The idea was preposterous.

Mike Gough, a world class strength and conditioning and world-renowned NFL Combine guru was telling me that I could "reduce my 40 yard dash time by three tenths of a second, my agility times by 4-5 tenths of a second, put 4-6 inches on my vertical jump" and technique instruction that he calls Inner Circle Secrets - as seen in the best-selling book, The Pro Combine Preparation Manual.

And get this: He will share with you one technique that will increase your vertical jump by 4 inches in only five seconds.

In all my years of training for football, no one ever told me that technique training for the NFL Combine tests alone could greatly speed up my combine performance, turning me into a workout warrior.

No one ever told me that one of the main reasons behind combine preparation drills is simply this: Developing a specific technique protocol for each combine test.

Now, imagine that you could get the detailed combine test technique instruction the NFL players receive? Sounds great, doesn't it?

Or does it?

Don't know about you, but due to my skepticism about these claims, I decided to do some research on combine training preparation. And guess what? To my amazement I found that combine prepartion allows the athlete to:

a.) Run a fast 40 yard dash

b.) Explode through the roof with a high vertical jump

c.) Possess cat like quickness in the agility tests...

d.) Perform the bench press reps so fast the socuts are drooling

In addition to the above, when you practice the combine test exercises the way Mike Gough teaches in his best-selling Pro Combine Preparation program, you have a better understanding, better steps and an increased ability to handle stress on combine testing day. You will have a feeling of calmness and confidence when the scouts are timing you and watching your every move. You will look strong, explosive, and fast. You will have no doubt that you have been fully prepared by the best!

Now that's a lot of benefits, don't you think?

Those reasons alone were enough for me to get Mike Gough's program and learn - but there's more.


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Learn Proper Technique Instruction

In addition to the performance benefits - the Pro Combine Preparation Manual was unique because it gave me details about the amazing Little Details in Combine Performance - little inside trade secrets that help you choose the right clothing, footwear, and perform the right stretches. Mike has been tking athletes to the NFL since 1998. And he taught me exactly how to execute each combine test and ... and it gets results!

In thePro Combine Preparation Manual I also learned a position by position breakdown of the qualities NFL Scouts are looking for. I was provided with an inside look at position specific drills the scouts put you through.


"There are specific training techniques to prepare the athlete for the NFL combine," said Gough. "Scott Young listened to everything, he studied my The Pro Combine Preparation Manual, implemented these specifc training techniques, followed every little detail I taught him and it payed off at the NFL Combine."

Scott Young turned heads at the NFL Combine in 2005. He set the all time bench press record with 43 repetitions with 225 lbs. That had people turning their heads and had scouts talking. The funny thing is that was not the end of the show. He ran a 5.03 40 yard dash, exploded to a 36" vertical jump and ran a 4.37 sec. pro agility shuttle. Wow.

Scott Young NFL Combine

So, guess what I did? I bought the Pro Combine Preparation Manual. A few days later, when it arrived in the mail, I ripped it open and starting rifling through it.

How good was it?

The Pro Combine Preparation Manual is filled with so much valuable information that I made the following list for you so you can quickly see all the reasons why owning this course is a good idea. For example, you will learn ...
  • Detailed instruction for the 40 Yard Dash, vertical jump, bench press, broad jump, pro agility, three cone agility, and the 60 yard shuttle!

  • The exact steps taken for all of the agility tests!

  • Position by position breakdown of qualities scouts are looking for!

  • How to put 4 inches on your vertical jump before you even jump!

  • Our proven bench press protocol that will double your reps(just ask Scott Young)!

  • Secrets of how to perform each test, that the scouts don't want you to know about !

  • Mental thought processes that control your nerves and increase your performance!

  • Specific footwaer selection for each type if testing surface (grass, Field Turf, rubber track, Astro Turf and others)!

  • What clothes you can wear that will be timing friendly!

  • A detailed step by step in depth look at the NFL Combine!

  • Detailed pictures of each test and how to perform it properly!

  • The single best breathing pattern when performing the bench press test!

  • Training exercises that can be implemented into your combine performance program!

  • Minimum pro stadards fo each position and for each combine test!

  • 2005 NFL Combine testing data for over 330 players!

  • Inside secrets that you have never seen nor heard of!

  • How to analyze your 40 yard dash time to determine where your focus should be!

  • How long you first step in the 40 yard dash should be and how to measure it!

  • and much more ...

"ThePro Combine Manual Will Give You a Step by Step Approach to Combine Training"

The technique instruction in this manual is second to none. Mike gave me this manual as a study guide at home every night. Not only did I perform the the best of my ability on NFL Pro Day, his technique and protocols allowed me to block out my nerves and perform to my highest level!"


Chaz Williams - Green Bay Packers NFL

"With the Pro Combine Preparation Manual, you are getting right inside Mike Gough's head as to how he prepares athletes for the NFL Combine. To me you can't palce a value on that insight and expertise"

Edwin Mulitalo - Baltimore Ravens NFL


After ordering the Pro Combine Preparation Manual, I began doing your bench press workout about two months ago. I began repping 225 lbs. 3 times. I am now up to repping it 11 times and have moved on to the over your second phase. I appreciate all your detailed instruction in this must have manual."

Matt Galley Canisius College - Buffalo, NY(DI-AA)

"Having read your Mastering the 40 Yard Dash book I could not wait to get my hands on the Pro Combine Preparation Manual . These manuals played a big success in my strong showing at my NFL Timing day as well as me making the Atlanta Falcons,


Kerry Johnson - Atlanta Falcons NFL

"Mike Gough's training techniques for the NFL Combine are second to none. Mike's training and instruction played a huge role in my success. "

Scott Young - Philadelphis Eagles NFL

Coach Gough,
"I would just like to say thank you for helping me with the forty yard dash and the pro agility shuttle. After studying the Pro Combine Preparation Manual, I went to the University of Louisiana-Monroe last week and ran a 4.75. I Broad jumped 9 ft and bench pressed 225 lbsfor 11 reps. Later that week our school had testing. I ran a 4.67 forty and a 4.10 shuttle. Then yesterday I attended the TCU senior mini camp. I had a 33.3 vertical jump on the jump pad. The highest vertical was 33.6. Then I ran a 4.70 forty. Lastly, I ran an astonishing 3.94 pro agility shuttle. The coaches at TCU were really impressed with my performance. I am now a consistent low 4.7 high 4.6 instead of low 4.9 and high 4.8. I just wanted to thank you again for all of the help that you gave to me and I really appreciate it."

Joe Capp - Frisco Centennial High School, Frisco TX

The Future is in Your Hands

If you've come this far, one thing is for certain, you probably want to learn how to ready yourself for the NFL Combine or any football combine out there. So you're now faced with one of two choices:

1. Stop reading, surf the net, watch television, or try to train on your own. Do nothing for yourself and remain unsatisfied with your combine performance.

2. Order your copy of Pro Combine Preparation Manual today and see results instantly.

I certainly hope you go for option #2 because doing so will give you the performance results that you really want and deserve.

The Pro Combine Preparation Manual is normally $99.95 plus $6 S&H (U.S.). But right now, as part of a special offer, you can get it for only $59.95 plus S&H (a savings of $40.00).

Order the Pro Combine Preparation Manual right now and save. Simply click the secure shopping cart button below. Or call (941) 907.2288 to place your order on our secure voice mail. Visa and MC accepted.

Best Regards,

Brad McClaugherty
P.S. The price of this manual is going up soon. In fact compared to what Coach Mike Gough charges to prepare athletes for the NFL Combine, the cost of this manual is a steal. Don't delay, hestitate, or wait any longer because when the price goes up you will be out of luck.

Combine Prep Manual
The Pro Combine Preparation Manual - $59.95 plus $5 S&H.

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