Training For The NFL

"THE NFL vs. YOU!"

Are you up to the challenge of training like they do?

Introducing: The revolutionary football training program that gives you the game breaking speed, explosive power, and mind boggling strength that NFL players have.

Limited Offer - Only 300 Sets of This Elite Training Program Are Being Released!

Training For The NFL

Dear Athlete,

I want to know if you are up to the challenge of training like a NFL Player? If you have the heart, the desire to be the best out there, you need to train to be the best. You need access to the best training program out there for football specific performance enhancement. You will then reap the rewards and never look back.

Have you ever wondered how professional football players train?

What they do that make them the top 1% of football players out there?

These guys are physical freaks capable of things that amaze people. What you don't see is what goes on behind the scenes, the training, sweat, and dedication to be the best. To be at the top of your class you need to put the time in performing the right drills and exercises for you to elevate your game. Now here is my special offer to help you be the best you can be:

A Football Specific Training Program for Serious Football Players

Ok this is serious business. Your football career is your future, your opportunity for a higher education, and potentially financial security for the rest of you life. All this is out there within grasp. Now how do you get there?

Training for the NFL was specifically designed to prepare the football player with a cutting edge football specific conditioning program to elevate your on-field performance.

8 weeks of intense training... combined with an in-season program so you can maintain what you worked so hard for. Like I asked you earlier are you willing to push yourself to your limits?

Why this Training Program?

I have had HUGE success preparing athleteís for the NFL Combine, making my guys faster, getting them more powerful, stronger
and more agile.

What you donít realize is that all my combine guys come back to me before they head to training camp each year because they want the edge on the competition. They want and have the desire to be the best.

Thus they expose themselves to a comprehensive training program that is intense and gets results.

Training for the NFL is a complete program, it teaches you how to lift, run, stretch, eat, jump and sprint your way to athletic success on the football field.

Training for the NFL is filled with so much valuable training information that I made the following list so you can see for yourself  why owning this training program will change the way you train forever. You will learn:

Active Isolated Stretching techniques that will enhance flexibility

Plyometric exercises to develop explosive hip power

Foot speed drills to get that quick first step

Strength and power
exercises that translate to on-field performance

Detailed position specific training protocols

Intense anaerobic conditioning drills

Comprehensive nutritional guide

Recovery and regeneration methods

Agility drills for lightening quick change of direction

In-season training plan included to maintain performance improvements

Core strength exercises for a strong stable core

4 phase, 8 week training program

So as you can see Training for the NFL is not for the faint of heart. You need to be up for the challenge, pushing
yourself for success each and every training session.


This limited edition training program is not for everyone, If you are serious, and I mean serious about pushing yourself to your limits than this program is for you. Are you up to the challenge?


If you follow the program, and commit yourself each and everyday to pushing yourself you will see the rewards. You will dominate. My exercise prescription works, it gets results. Look what it has done for these NFL'ers.

Joseph Addai - Indianapolis Colts

Mark Anderson - Chicago Bears

Scott Young - Philadelphia Eagles

Edwin Mulitalo - Baltimore Ravens

Reynaldo Hill - Tennessee Titans

Dwight Anderson - St.Louis Rams

Jason Radar - Miami Dolphins

It has helped these along with many other NFL's peak for the season. Not only do they get out there and perform they are impact players that make plays. Now let me help you make the


At this point you are asking how much will this cost? Well I gave this manual to some of my NFL clients for them to look over as I often do with my training manuals. I asked them how much should I charge? Well the 5 of them that were in training said at least 400 dollars.

You see, these athletes do the training that is in the Training for the NFL day in and day out in the off-season to prepare for the season. They know that this stuff works. And they know what I charge them to train under my guidance.

SO I am willing to offer 300 Limited Edition copies of Training for the NFL for an introductory price of 69.97$. This is a steal when I charge five times that to design a single phase personalized program. You get 4 phases including a in-season maintenance for only 69.97$

If you think it is still too pricey for you, suppose you were to come down here to sunny Florida to train? How much would that set you back? Suppose if you got Training for the NFL and it changed you football performance, then changed your life. What price would you put on that?  


So here I am at my office in my training facility, looking at 300 copies of Training for the NFL, seeking out 300 athletes that want to take control of their football future, want to do whatever
it takes to make themselves not good but the best. I want the most hard working, dedicated athletes to take advantage of this limited offering.

If you want to take your football future click here to get your hands on this life changing, limited edition football training program. If you don't you may get left behind!

Order Training for the NFL

Train Hard,

P.S. This training program is for the serious athlete out there. If you are serious about your game, this is the program you have been looking for. So ask yourself are you up to the challenge?

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